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Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire Synergy Computer Systems for Your IT Needs

Posted by Jeff Woertz on

Ten reasons why you should hire Synergy Computer Systems for your IT needs:

1-We’re less expensive than hiring a full IT staff and you don’t have to pay for our health benefits.

2-We provide faster response times and better communications than other IT companies.

3-We go above and beyond to keep your computer systems running efficiently.

4-We’re proactive instead of reactive.

5-Our staff is local and yes, we all speak English!

6-We offer after-hours and remote support for your convenience and to minimize downtime.

7-We emphasize data integrity via a suite of several types of backups working together.

8-Our low overhead means we pass the savings on to you.

9-Our technicians all have at LEAST ten years of real-world experience in addition to formal training in their fields.

10-We’re a faith-based, family-run local company and we’ve been serving our community since 1991.

Synergy Computer Systems – Telford, PA 18969

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